Australian Pub Bans Cheeky Emus But They Won’t Leave For Good

When you live in a town with anywhere from 10 to 20 people as a population, things can get rather interesting. Everybody knows something about everybody, and that included some of the stranger members of the population, a pair of emus.

Life in the town of Yaraka in Queensland, Australia was always quiet, but in 2020, that town became a worldwide sensation. It was in that year that Kevin and Carol were banned from entering the local pub. No, those are not human residents, they are emus who were kicked out of the pub for all the right reasons.

Photo: Pixnio/Andrew McMillan

Partially, they were kicked out because they had a poor disposition and were disruptive to the business. According to, it was also said that the poo they left behind was “like a duck times 50,” according to a local resident, Leanne Byrne.

Byrne went on to speak to and said that she is the one that was there when the chicks were hatched. She got together an electric blanket after nine eggs were found in the scrub. The majority of the eggs didn’t make it, but Kevin and Carol did.

Both Kevin and Carol bonded with Byrne and they even leave town when she leaves for a few months out of the year. After she comes back, the emus come back out of the hills to visit.

Photo: Flickr/Maxwell Hamilton License: CC BY 2.0

That was, until this year. Kevin and Carol didn’t seem to want to come around quite so much and they noticed that their personality had changed. Considering the fact that they had a personality that was larger-than-life, it was easy to notice.

They were able to find out why such a change occurred after some men were cutting wood in the area. The emus came up behind them and tapped him on the shoulder to say hello. As it turns out, Kevin and Carol now have chicks.

Photo: Flickr/pelican License: CC BY-SA 2.0

People in the town still try to alert Byrne anytime the emus are seen in the area. Previously, they probably stuck around because it was easy to find water but there are plenty of waterholes these days, so the new chicks will do just fine.

Even though they don’t spend as much time in town, they still do visit Byrne on occasion. Carol even gets up close and personal for a cuddle at times. She just hopes that they stay away from traffic while the chicks are younger.

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