Animator Compares Extinct And Modern Primates By Size

There are so many primates in this world, us humans included in that category.

We’ve got loads of primate cousins – some of which are now extinct.

Photo: YouTube/WTD

But the interesting thing about all these different primates and their extinct ancestors is that they all look completely different – especially in the size department.

You’ve got teeny tiny ones coupled with very large ones. To give a scale between the different sizes is one animated video that people are finding quite interesting.

Photo: YouTube/WTD

Animator WTD created an anthropoid 3D animation that compares the many sizes of today’s primates, as well as their long-gone ancestors.

The list includes such simians such as monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons, apes, gorillas, and many more.

Photo: YouTube/WTD

It’s easy to picture some of the animals individually, but seeing how they compare side-by-side offers a unique look.

Watch the video in its entirety down below:

What do you think of these different-sized primates? Let us know!

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