Bus Driver Raises Money So Teen With Cancer Can Attend Prom

Like most teens, 15-year-old Presley Long was eager to attend her Freshman prom. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t have the means to help her go.

Prom is expensive when you factor in a dress, shoes, and ticket. Because of Presely’s mounting medical bills, her family didn’t have any wiggle room to pay for her to go.

Photo: GoFundMe

As shared in a GoFundMe, at 14-years-old Presley was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma called GNET. She started off her Freshman year of high school battling the disease but it only spread. She ened up having to finish the year off from the hospital.

Even though she couldn’t attend classes in person, she still wanted to participate in prom with her friends.

When a family friend and school bus driver heard about Presely’s predicament, they stepped up and created a fundraiser to raise money for Presely’s prom night.

Thanks to the fundraiser and some help from other community members, Presley was able to have a wonderful prom night with her two close friends, Morgan and Cassidy.

Presley’s mom, Ashley Long-Miller, shared photos from prom on Facebook, thanking the community for making it possible.

Sadly, Presley passed away on November 1, 2019, at just 15 years old.

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