A Pregnant Dog Gave Birth in the Most Unexpected Place, Leaving Her Foster Mom in Shock

Just like humans, female dogs undergo the process of creating life and giving birth. They also experience physical changes when they are pregnant. As their pet parent, you must provide the soon-to-be mom extra care during those months. You also have to take note of their due date, ensure you give them proper treatment, and become more observant near that day. Your dog might feel pain or have trouble giving birth, and an immediate call to the vet could be needed.

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Although it might be nerve-wracking to watch, most dogs can safely deliver their babies on their own. One amazing dog mommy even went into labor unnoticed while sitting on a deck chair! Carter manages a foster home for dogs, and Poppy is one of her cherished mommy dogs. At first, Carter did not notice the puppies; she just thought Poppy was so adorable that she had to take a picture.

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“Once I had processed that she had a puppy in the chair, I knew I needed to get her and the puppy back inside so she could finish giving birth,” Carter shared.

The endearing little babies were all healthy and had a strong appetite for milk. Seeing a dog delivering puppies on a chair was a first for Carter. She explained that all her foster dogs knew exactly where to give birth. Since Poppy was a new mommy on board, she did it independently and in a way all her own.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

For doing a great job, Carter planned a self-care day for Poppy. “So, I believe that every dog deserves to be spoiled, and, unfortunately, poor Poppy has likely not received even basic care, much less anything remotely close to being spoiled,” the foster mom explained. Carter showed The Dodo the self-care routine that she planned for Poppy that day. The dog received a nice warm milk bath with rose petals and a massage. It was indeed a well-deserved rest day — a break from all the mommy duties Poppy’s been doing for days.

In the video, it was apparent how happy Poppy was with a spa day. There was non-stop tail-wagging during her paw massage. It truly looks relaxing and makes you want to plan for a pamper day as well. Watch the video below. You might plan something for yourself — especially those of you who are mommies who have been working hard for the family.

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