Precious Wants to Be Your “Precious” But Not in a Creepy Gollum “Lord of the Rings” Way

Meet Precious, a beautiful, perky-eared little gal who has found herself in and out of Pima Animal Care Center a couple of times in her young life (through no fault of her own). She’s looking to leave PACC in her rearview mirror permanently this time, and maybe you can help make that happen.

To do that, she needs a loving family and a secure yard to keep her safe and sound at home – just those two simple things and that’s it! Precious has lived with other dogs and was found as a stray and stayed with her finder for about a week. They told PACC that during that time, Precious was well-behaved, housebroken, and very loving.

Here’s what some of her volunteer fans at the shelter have said about her:

adoptable pibble
Photo: PACC

“Precious was great in the yard (again). We took some tennis balls with us and let her play – she LOVES playing with tennis balls! She retrieves them and knows the command “leave it” when she hears the words. She also knows “sit,” and she is friendly, eager to please, and affectionate. Lots of wonderful energy and great focus!”

“Precious was so much fun in the yard today! She did some zoomies and tried to get her kennel mate to play with her. She has boundless energy, but she would focus when asked to sit for treats. Wonderful high-energy-loving dog!”

adoptable pibble
Photo: PACC

“Precious has had several kennel mates and has always coexisted with them comfortably. She is easy to leash, exits easily from the kennel, and is a delight to walk. She is a joy – very responsive to me and just a wonderful and very cute dog.”

“Precious is the cutest little firecracker! So adorable and has so much energy. She knows “sit” and learns other commands quickly. This athletic smarty pants will really thrive with exercise and mental stimulation to keep her busy.”

adoptable pibble
Photo: PACC

Precious has had many different roommates while in the shelter and has been appropriate and tolerant when meeting other dogs in the playgroup. She’s a people- oriented type of gal and would like to meet any resident dogs before heading home together. This girl will do great in an active home where she can join her family on all of their adventures!

She’s a spayed Pit Bull Terrier that weighs approximately 48 pounds, and the shelter staff at PACC thinks she’s about 3 years old. She’s been there since December 29, 2022, and is ready to go home today.

If you are interested in adopting Precious, please email for an adoption application or with additional questions. She’s in Kennel D231, and her ID# is A773406. Check out the videos below and ask to meet her today!!!!!

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