Puerto Rico Zoo Is Closing and Sending Hundreds of Animals to Colorado

One of the only opportunities that many of us have to see wild animals is seeing them at the zoo. Many zoos around the world do their best to care for those animals and provide a good life for them, even though they are in captivity.

The unfortunate reality for many animals, however, is that they find themselves in a zoo where they are not cared for properly. That is true of those animals in the only zoo in Puerto Rico.

Photo: YouTube / Fox31 Denver

The zoo in Puerto Rico was suspected of negligence for many years and often was written up for those problems. Thanks to the efforts of many who want to help the animals, the zoo is closing, but the animals need a place to stay.

That is where the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado comes in. They provide a home for many different types of wild animals, from bears and lions to almost anything imaginable, so that they can roam free and live their lives.

More than 700 animals are being rescued from the zoo in Puerto Rico, and about half of them are coming from the zoo to a sanctuary in Colorado. There are also other animals that will be going to another sanctuary run by the same organization.

Photo: YouTube / Fox31 Denver

As you can imagine, there is a lot involved in moving this many animals. It isn’t just the fact that you are taking an animal from one place to another, many of them need specialized cages, and you have flight logistics to be concerned with as well.

The owner of the sanctuary is very thankful that he has the opportunity to take part in rescuing these animals. It is going to be a lot of work to get them there, but he feels that it will be well worth it once the animals finally have their forever home.

You can see more about the rescue efforts in this video:

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