Cat With Arthritis Sprints With Lightening Speed After A Vet Visit

Let’s be real, our pets often make us look like liars. Any pet owner has probably had at least one instance where they have to explain to someone, “no really, I’m not making this up.”

We trained one of our cats to “dance” for her food. She does it no problem for us, but if anyone outside of the family is ever visiting then she pretends to have no idea what we’re asking her to do. Makes total liars out of us every time.

And one woman in New Zealand probably looks like she’s telling a fib when she says that her cat has arthritis after sharing the following video.

Like all animals, aging is part of the process. With that, comes certain health issues, such as arthritis. Now, arthritis affects the joints, meaning that if our pets get it, moving around can become a bit of an issue. They’re not as mobile as they used to be.

Photo: Reddit/u/blackflameandcocaine

Well, the woman (Reddit u/blackflameandcocaine) in New Zealand decided it was time to take her cat, Pork Chop, to the vets because of his arthritis. After the trip to the vet, however, it would not be apparent at all that Pork Chop has arthritis.

When she got back home to her farm, she opened up the carrier to let out Pork Chop. One would expect a cat with arthritis to come hobbling out of the carrier with some difficulty moving. Not Pork Chop.

Photo: Reddit/u/blackflameandcocaine

This big boy is fast as all heck! He clearly did not like his trip to the doctors and just wanted to get away as fast as possible, and he moved quite quickly.

Watch the hilarious footage down below:

What do you think of Pork Chop’s spring in his step? You can see more of him and his family on Reddit!

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