Parent Issues Warning Over The Dangers Of A Popular Fidget Toy

When you have young children, like babies and toddlers, you realize they sometimes put random items in their mouths and it can be quite stressful. While some kids don’t use their mouths to explore much, others put anything and everything in their mouth.

My niece is one of those kids that eats everything, from sand and rocks to plastic toys and pennies. You really have to be careful around every little thing with her! Even the safest toys can turn dangerous when an unsupervised child is involved.

Photo: Instagram/@tinyheartseducation

While many parents thing of dangerous toys as being trampolines or tiny magnets, there are other hidden dangerous to even the safest of toys.

Recently, a family discovered how treacherous the popular pop-it fidget toys can be after their young son got a piece of one stuck in his mouth!

The Tiny Hearts Foundation shared about the incident on Instagram, explaining that the young child had managed to break a piece of the fidget toy off and he put it in his mouth. It’s scary to think that it could’ve choked him, but instead it suctioned to his gums!

The boy’s mom managed to pull the little piece off of his gums which were swollen and irritated from the suction.

Photo: Instagram/@tinyheartseducation

The boy’s aunt shared with Tiny Hearts Foundation, “He is fine and the swelling immediately went down and he’s back to normal.” She’s hoping that by sharing their story, they can raise awareness that toys can break and kids can choke.

It’s always important to supervise children as closely as possible, even if they’re playing with something presumably safe.

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