Couple Fall In Love Over Photo Of “Poorly Drawn Cat” And Get Married Three Years Later

It’s amazing what we can accomplish and who can meet thanks to the Internet.

When Gran Schroeder (@GrantSchroeder) from Oregon reached out to the popular Twitter account poorly drawn cats in 2019, he wanted a simple photo of his cat, Luna.

The artist behind the account, Heloisa Nora, is known for her simple sketches of cats and she was more than happy to take on Grant’s request. In the end, Grant got a lot more than he bargained for!

As Grant shared on Twitter, Heloisa ended up drawing him a photo of his cat, Luna, and she posted the photo on her popular account. That’s when Emma Ferguson (@emmaf1878) from Liverpool, UK saw the photo and it caught her eye.

Emma also has a cat named Luna and she decided to click into Grant’s Twitter profile and check him out. After seeing his pictures, she gave him a follow.

According to NPR, Ferguson explained, “I saw a pic on his account of him holding his Luna. Cute boy with cat—must follow, of course!”

When Grant noticed her following him, the two began talking. They spoke about cats at first, but eventually their causal DMs about cats turned into Facetime conversations about life.

Grant explained to NPR, “We then just started talking about our cats, getting to know each other, and eventually we started FaceTiming every day and slowly fell in love with each other.”

The two finally got to meet in January 2020, but because of COVID, they couldn’t meet again until August of 2021. Just a few months after that, they decided to get married.

On July 24, 2022, Grant and Emma got married and they’re not living together in the UK with their two cats! They’re even hoping to adopt a third.

According to NPR, the artist behind the drawing that got the pair together had some thoughts on the matter. She said, “It’s nice what we can do with the internet these days. I would’ve never imagined that a cat drawing would result in a beautiful story.”

Who would’ve thought a simple photo of a “poorly drawn cat” would bring lovers together from opposite sides of the globe.

Hopefully Emma and Grant get their happily ever surrounded by love and cats!

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