Poop Scooping for a Cause in Arlington, Virginia

A pet-waste removal service located in Arlington, Virginia, is making news for not only its entrepreneurial spirit but its charitable spirit, too. The veteran-owned business was founded by Wes Clough in 2023 after encountering issues with the pet waste removal service he had been using.

“My wife and I, we have dogs, we’re busy, and to try and make our lives easier, we had a pet-waste removal service for almost 10 years,” Clough explained. “I watched that company get bigger, and in my experience, the service deteriorated.”

garden gate
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One of the problems he faced was coming home to a yard where the gate had been left open. This is something people who use pool services or landscaping services often have to deal with. Because of this, his dog got out on one occasion. Clough said, “I thought, ‘there has got to be a better way.'”

And there was: starting his own company, Poop Patroller. Since opening the business, Clough notes that their focus is on customer service. That includes using technology to keep clients in the loop regarding the status of the service and push notifications to confirm that customers’ gates have been closed and latched after Poop Patrollers have come and gone.

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While some people can’t wrap their heads around the idea of outsourcing pet clean-up duties, Clough says there’s a strong interest in the industry. He made a very real comparison to landscaping services. Some folks are all about it and others cut their own grass.

While many in the latter camp simply can’t afford it, others might actually enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when they stand back and admire their handiwork.

The same thing can’t be said for picking up pet poop.

Poop Patroller boasts the use of eco-friendly compostable bags and donates a percentage of its gross revenue to the Lost Dog & Cat Foundation. Clough says he’s watched the nonprofit grow over the years and has personally experienced the good it does for animals.

“We have adopted three dogs through them and have donated as well,” Clough admitted. “It seems like a focused organization that does a good job.”

He acknowledged that directing a portion of his business’s revenue to the foundation and using environmentally-friendly bags is important to people who believe in supporting causes that are meaningful to them while being drawn to companies that share their same values.

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Starting small, Clough is not only the founder and owner of the business but its only employee to date. As it is early days for the startup, Clough has been able to handle the workload on his own. Looking to the future, however, he plans to hire employees as he hopefully gains clientele in Northern Virginia and Northwest D.C.

“It would be great to have several full-time employees. I like the idea of creating jobs,” he shared. “I’m not in a rush, though, I’m okay with growing organically.”

With free haul away, no contracts, and reasonable weekly rates, hiring someone might not be too far off. Would you hire a pet-waste removal service if you could afford it?

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