Therapy Pony Comforts Young Boy In A Coma

A therapy pony answered a young child’s prayers after visiting a boy in the hospital.

The boy, Tristan Russell, was in a coma after undergoing hours of brain surgery. He fell out of a third-story window back in March of 2011 and the doctors weren’t sure if he’d survive.

Tristan couldn’t speak or move and suffered severe brain trauma, but his care team wanted to bring him joy through the power of a pony.

Photo: YouTube/adanielsard

Tristan’s mom, Lucy, shared about the experience on YouTube saying that they were staying at the now-closed Our Children’s House at Baylor University in Texas.

The staff were going to help him walk and regain motor skills, and during his stay, he got a very special visitor: a Shetland pony named Spirit!

Photo: YouTube/adanielsard

Lucy explained on YouTube that, “When we got to OCH we knew it was the right place for Tristan within the first 20 minutes…all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. One of the child life specialist’s opens the door and says, ‘We have a dog and a pony here in the hall for about 5 more minutes. Do you think he’d like to see one of them?'”

Tristan’s mom, Lucy, told the specialist that he loves ponies so they brought the animal in.

Photo: YouTube/adanielsard

She wrote:

“I had Sean grab the flip camera as they bring a Shetland pony named Spirit right next to Tristan in his bed. Spirit starts to nibble Tristan’s socks. It was adorable.

After Spirit leaves the OT says, ‘I can’t believe they had a pony. I’ve seen them bring in dogs but never a pony.’

Well, I thought it was awesome! It just couldn’t get any better, right? But wait . . . there’s more.”

Photo: YouTube/adanielsard

Apparently, Tristan’s older brother, Logan, had been praying that Tristan would live long enough to see a pony.

“One small pony was all it took to give Logan confirmation that God is listening to his prayers,” Lucy wrote.

Check out the sweet video below:

NBCDFW reports that after the video was filmed, Tristan went on to

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