Woman From Europe Shares The Countryside Adventure with Her Beloved Six Ponies in a Comforting Video

Nature trips with your pets are a different kind of experience, especially when you see them enjoy the scenery as much as you do. For this reason, it can heal you mentally and emotionally. You’ll see how the world is more than the chaos around — there’s beauty and peace waiting for you. Go for a hike, inhale the fresh air, wait for sunsets or sunrises, and lay on the grass to be one with nature. It’s extremely beneficial for you, so if your backyard leads to the wild outdoors, take advantage of it. Take a break from the noises around you and find tranquility after a very long week.

Photo: Youtube/Emma Massingale

Your pets will also be happy about nature trips because they get to explore more of their surroundings. They are also taking a break with you — allow them to feel the forest ground and water from springs on their feet. You’ll see happiness from them, which is contagious, and a woman from Europe can attest to that. Emma Massingale is a horse trainer who loves to take adventures, but her nature walk stories have a twist. While she hoverboards over the countryside, her lovely six ponies accompany her. All of them are professionally trained by Emma, that’s why it was easy to be around them during nature walks.

Photo: Youtube/Emma Massingale

The whole countryside trip with the six ponies was shared on Emma’s Youtube channel. From preparations to showcasing England’s majestic views, you’ll definitely feel comforted by the video. You might even find yourself wanting to have a pony that you could also take on trips. Emma’s hike definitely looked magical, straight from a movie scene. Her hoverboard made the trip more remarkable and fun. Peggy, Albert, Cid, Ernie, Cedric, and Cyril walked in pairs, with Emma leading their group. As they continue on foot, you’ll notice that Cid was left at the back. Emma cheered for the adorable pony and then talked about what they’d been doing recently.

They passed on bridges, traversed through hills, and crossed streams. The ponies really looked strong, as they were able to keep up with Emma without looking tired. But who wouldn’t be energized by the mesmerizing landscapes they traveled through that day? Anyone would be excited to see what lies ahead and what beauty awaits them. As a caring mom, Emma took them to a spot where the ponies can graze for grass and rest for a while.

Photo: Youtube/Emma Massingale

During their stopover, Emma grabbed the opportunity to enjoy a swim in the moors even when it was cold. However, she could only endure the cold waters for a short time and then went back to her adorable companions. They all took a breather as Emma enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate while listening to the running waters, enveloped in the fresh air, and surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Watch their countryside adventure below — this might be a sign for you to go on that trip you’ve been wishing to for so long.

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