Police Sprint To Man Calling For “Help” Only To Find A Disgruntled Goat

Life as a police officer is unpredictable at best. From minor incidents to life-threatening emergencies, officers must be prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to any situation that arises, and no two days are the same.

When officers with the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma received a call about someone yelling for help, they quickly responded to the scene.

Photo: Facebook/Enid Police Department

The department shared a video of the call on Facebook, and you can see the officers running through a field. In the background, you can hear what sounds like a man yelling “help.”

The department shared in the video’s caption, “Sometimes a call can really get your goat. Yesterday, Officer David Sneed and Officer Neal Storey responded to a report of someone heard yelling for help. Upon arriving, the officers began walking toward the faint sound of someone yelling. As they got closer, Officer Sneed could hear a distinct yell for ‘help.'”

Photo: Facebook/Enid Police Department

“Running toward the sound, the two soon discovered their damsel in distress was a very upset goat,” the department continued.

Apparently, the farmer had separated the goat from one of his friends, causing the goat to become very upset and start yelling.


According to the Natural History Museum, goats often make bleats that are “humanlike” in nature. The museum explains, “Goats have a variety of bleats, and each individual has its own distinctive voice. Bleats can range in volume, pitch and depth.”

You can watch the police response to the goat’s call in the video below:

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