Wife Wants Her Husband to File Police Report Against Dead FIL

We all have to make difficult decisions in life, and sometimes, those decisions can impact more than us alone. They may have an impact on the family either in a positive or a negative way.

This came up when a young couple was preparing to purchase their first home. Both the husband and wife work full-time and make a decent living, but neither could afford to buy a home on their own income.

A situation occurred that was unusual, and the woman came on Reddit to ask if her request made her the bad guy. It all had to do with her father-in-law, who had recently died.

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The Truth Comes Out

When the couple went to the bank to ask about a loan, they found out that there were four collections on the husband’s account, all pointing to 2018. Those collections included two credit cards, Internet, and power.

The total of the bill was just under $6,000, and they were able to link all of the accounts to her father-in-law’s previous address. They talked about it privately and realized the only way to clear the debt was to report the father for fraud.

This didn’t sit well with the husband, who didn’t want to tarnish his father’s name. He was also afraid of how the family would view it if it became public.

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This was more than just a personal feeling; it was part of his culture, so it was deeply ingrained in him.

His Wife Didn’t Agree

The wife, on the other hand, looked at things differently. They had paid for the funeral when her father-in-law died, and it took years to recover.

They discussed things with the recovery agencies, but none of them were willing to mark the debt as paid until they were actually paid in full.

This young couple had worked very hard to raise enough money to pay a down payment for a home. Now she is wondering if she is in the wrong for asking him to file the police report.

Many people who commented said how wrong it was for the father-in-law to do such a thing. It was the consensus that he should have a police report filed against him for fraud, even though he has died.

The OP came back on to update and say her husband agreed that he would file charges. Now they are working with the credit bureaus and are told that their credit should be fixed in 30 days.

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