Police Officers Respond To Rescue Call And End Up Frosting Some Cake

Police officers wake up in the morning realizing that they are there to protect and serve. Every time they go on duty, they are ready to do what is necessary, but at times, they are expected to go above and beyond.

This was recently seen in a wonderful way, thanks to some kind and observant La Vista police officers.

Photo: YouTube/KETV NewsWatch 7

According to KETV, it happened when Officer John Danderand and some other officers arrived at the home of Karen Ressegieu.

Her husband was unresponsive at the time. Although first responders tried to revive him multiple times with CPR, he was declared dead not long after they arrived.

Photo: YouTube/KETV NewsWatch 7

Danderand said that the new widow was very busy. Neighbors were coming by and asking questions and she was going to attend a funeral. To top things off, she had to put the icing on a cake for the funeral and she felt obliged to finish.

That is when the officers really stepped up to the plate in an awesome way. They helped her by putting the frosting on the cake for her. They then took the cake to the funeral that day and delivered it on behalf of the widow.

Photo: YouTube/KETV NewsWatch 7

As the officers were working hard behind the scenes, Sgt Kraig Gamon took some pictures. He wanted everyone to see what these kind officers were willing to do for a grieving widow.

Garmon said: “She was just more worried about everybody else than herself. And that was what struck me the most as her kindness. And for me, it was a small gesture for us to be able to try to return that to her.”

It was a difficult day for Karen but the kindness of these officers made it possible for her to get through it.

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