Police Officer Saves Adorable Baby Skunks And Reunites Them With Their Family

If you saw a skunk, would you approach it to see if it needed help or would you run in the other direction? Most of us who have ever smelled a skunk before would probably get as far away as quickly as possible.

Then again, you probably have never seen a baby skunk before. Those little animals, which are known as kits, are more than just a miniature representation of mom and dad, they are absolutely adorable!

Photo: flickr/julie rohloff

Officer Caitlin Russell knows this very well because she was recently on patrol with the Cambridge Police Department in Massachusetts when she came across some of those cute little animals. As the department shared on Facebook, there were two baby skunks on the sidewalk and she knew that they needed some help.

Always ready to protect and serve, Officer Russell decided to do the right thing. She wanted to save those animals but she also had some concerns.

In speaking with The Dodo, she spoke about how “stinking” cute’ the kits were. At the same time, however, she didn’t want to alarm them because even a four-month-old kit can spray. That’s not something that any of us would want.

Officer Russell didn’t know what she was going to do so she stayed there and kept the little skunks company until others arrived. She realized that they were orphans, and was happy to learn that some other baby skunks were taken in early in the day.

In the end, they were able to reunite the young ones and when they are old enough, they will be released again into the wild.

She said to The Dodo: “They are in such good care now and their future will be nothing short of great. [It] made my heart very full and happy to get them reunited and safe.”

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