Guy Called the Police After He Thought His Fiancée Went Missing, Which Caused a Rift Between the Couple

It’s a pretty dangerous world out there; that’s why people must look out for each other. Since you’ll never know when danger might strike, it’s best to give updates to your loved ones when away from each other. Communication is more accessible now than before — when you have a phone, you can easily send messages to various platforms. Provide assurance to those you live with, especially at night when you’ll be outside longer than you said you would. If not, it’ll cause a lot of worries and anxious thoughts. You owe it to your loved ones to let them know you’ll safely return home.

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Lack of updates and a series of missed calls might require police intervention. A Reddit user posted his story involving his fiancée on the platform. The two had been living together, which makes it more important to update one another when leaving the house for a while. One night, Rnevermore’s fiancée left the house at night to drive their friend’s son back home. She told OP that she’d be back around 9 pm. However, several hours passed, and the fiancée still hadn’t returned home. OP even gave a timeline of what happened that night to illustrate how his anger changed into concern.

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At first, the fiancée still gave him updates on her whereabouts. Midnight came, and that’s when the series of missed calls and threads of unanswered messages happened. OP wrote, “Around 1:45, I called the police. I have always heard that the first 24 hours of someone being missing is the most important, so I didn’t want to delay. I asked them to let me know if there had been any traffic accidents involving her car, and the operator told me that they would put out the word and send some cops to check along the route she would travel.”

Rnevermore also called hospitals near the area to check if she had been admitted. OP waited for her outside of the house so that he wouldn’t have to worry the kids. It troubled him so badly until she came back home at 7 in the morning. “She apologized for being out and said she had no excuse. She was driving home and felt tired, like she was falling asleep at the wheel, so she pulled over to the side of the road to sleep. When she did that, she found that her brand new phone had stopped working.”

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As soon as his fiancée returned, he immediately informed the police to stop the search. Everything went back to normal again when the police asked OP where his fiancée worked so that they could check up on her. Apparently, it was police policy to check the person’s condition. OP requested that the police could just talk to her on the phone, but they couldn’t give him assurance. Later that day, the police visited his fiancée at work, which infuriated her.

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“She is saying I overreacted and that she wasn’t missing and that I was punishing her for doing the responsible thing and not driving while drowsy. She is saying that she is never going to leave the house again except for work, because she is afraid I’m going to call the cops on her again,” Rnevermore shared. With how badly the fiancée reacted, Redditors find the whole scenario fishy. People pointed out that her reason didn’t make any sense.

“Especially the timing — who sleeps from midnight to 7 am in the car on the side of the road?? A woman too? Not a two-hour power nap, but all night? And she came back conveniently in time to pick up kids and go to work,” Monster-Death-Truck commented. OP replied and said that he’s been giving her the benefit of the doubt because she doesn’t have a history of lying to him. “The fishiest part is that without a working phone (no alarm), she somehow woke up and got home just in time to get the kids to school on time,” ValleySparkles pointed out.

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The Reddit post was so controversial that it earned 27.9k upvotes and 7.6k comments. Redditors were adamant about getting this woman and enlightening OP that it’s evident his fiancée is lying. A thread of lengthy comments was posted — connecting every piece of evidence and expressing their frustration over the couple. Many people are looking out for OP because it seems like danger is closer to him than he expected. Read the whole discussion, and you’ll find yourself engaged in a long conversation.

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