Police Break Car Window To Rescue Dog That Turned Out To Be A Stuffed Animal

When temperatures rise, it’s important to be mindful of our pets and their whereabouts.

Every year, there are tragic stories of dogs suffering from heat-related issues or even losing their lives after being left in hot cars.

Cars can reach dangerously hot temperatures and when a dog is left unattended in a hot car, time is of the essence to save them.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Thankfully, Good Samaritans have been known to save dogs on occasion by smashing car windows or calling authorities for help regarding dogs left in hot cars.

When a passerby saw a pup all alone in a Mercedes on a hot day, they quickly dialed up the Nottinghamshire Police for help.

The police responded to Mansfield in the UK and saw the dog, Little Willy, laying in the car all alone. The windows were all rolled up and the car was unattended.

Photo: flickr/Henri Bergius

Wanting to save the dog, officers shattered the window of the Mercedes to retrieve the dog – only to find it was a stuffed animal.

According to BBC, a Nottinghamshire Police officer stated:

“In this case officers believed a dog could be suffering due to the heat of the day and its life was potentially at risk, so felt there was no other option but to enter the vehicle.”

Photo: PublicDomainPictures

The car and the stuffed dog belonged to eighty-year-old Gordon Williams. Williams was more than understanding of the situation and doesn’t harbor any hard feelings toward the officers on duty.

According to BBC, Williams said, “I know Little Willy is quite realistic and if they weren’t sure about it, they did a good thing as we don’t want any more dogs dying in the heat of a car.”

The window ended up costing £180 to repair. Moving forward, Williams is opting to keep Little Willy at home to avoid a similar situation in the future.

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