Clever Polar Bear Scoots On Belly To Cross Ice Sheet

Have you ever seen a polar bear scooting along on its belly? It’s something Emma Postolec recently had the pleasure of videoing while on a vacation near the Arctic.

She spotted the bear walking on sheets of ice and then she noticed something interesting. The bear dropped to its chest and used its legs to scoot across the ice, rather than walk.

Photo: Instagram/@emma_sxm

Emma shared the video on Instagram on October 5 and it wasn’t long before it went viral.

Many people admired the bear’s technique for getting across the ice – a method that’s similar to what’s recommended for humans crossing thin ice sheets.

Photo: Instagram/@emma_sxm

The video received thousands of comments, with people calling the bear “intelligent,” and “brilliant.” Some people suggested it might be washing its belly, while others said that was crossing ice “the right way.” We have to agree with them!

Check out the clip for yourself below:

In a separate video, you can see the polar bear attempting to jump from one sheet of ice to another and failing. The polar bear falls into the frigid water and has to pull itself back up onto the ice sheet.

It’s from that moment, it seems, that the bear decided to scoot his way along the ice.

Photo: YouTube/Storyful

If nothing else, you have to give the polar bear some props for making a misstep and immediately learning from it!

Check out the video below:

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