Woman Rescues a Plover’s Baby Chick That Got Stuck in a Drain

Humans and animals don’t share the same language, but they can understand each other. Both can still build connections and establish a relationship, like pet parents to their fur babies. There are also instances in which animals help humans and even vice versa. Those kinds of situations provide harmony to the world. Especially now that animal habitats are changing into cities, factories, or residential areas. Humans often find themselves amidst interactions with animals.

Photo: Instagram/her_ausventure

People often encounter animals that previously lived in that area before it was developed or whose ancestors lived there. Sometimes human spaces can put an animal in danger, primarily young ones. If you happen to notice an animal that seems to be anxious, try to observe it from a safe distance and analyze its situation. Their movements might indicate that it needs help or it’s trying to lead you to a particular spot. Either they’re in trouble, or they can’t rescue their offspring. A woman from Instagram shared her experience with a mother Plover — which was both heartwarming and remarkable.

Photo: Instagram/her_ausventure

A woman from Australia uploaded TikTok a video on her Instagram account which involves a plover and its chick. She found the mother close to a drain and seemed to be guarding it. Turns out, the chick was stuck inside the drain. In order to save the chick, the drain must be opened, which is a hard task for a bird. Luckily, the woman was there, and she brought her tools to open the drain.

She successfully opened it and found the chick safe in a pile of wet leaves. The woman carefully held the chick to bring it back to its mother. Before she returned the chick, she ensured the baby was warm and dry and warm in her car. It’s a big help to the adult plover and a great assurance that the baby will live.

After uploading the rescue video, Hudson shared updates with two more videos. The mother plover and her chick were happily reunited — everything was fine again in their family. The heartwarming video has already earned thousands of engagements. People filled the comment section with praises for the kindhearted woman and love for the plover family. The video was indeed a serotonin boost, just like Hudson implied in the social media post.

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