Woman Blocks Hallway with “Invisible” Plastic Wrap Fence, and Her Dog Is Not Having It

One of the internet’s favorite things these days is humans playing tricks and pranks on their pets or setting up obstacle courses for them just to see what they’ll do. Animals can be so incredibly unpredictable, so it gives us a thrill to try to imagine how they’ll react to something new in their homes. And, more often than not, witnessing the way they actually respond elicits more joy than the delightful anticipation. Their facial expressions are priceless, and the creative ways they try to overcome the obstacle or figure out what’s going on are just hysterical.

Photo: Facebook/UNILAD

This particular woman decided to create a special “invisible” obstacle for her dog, Maya. As a samoyed, Maya is an intelligent dog breed, but at first she lacks the motivation to try very hard to get past the barricade, even for scratches and playtime with a soccer ball. She sniffs at the plastic wall, gives it a nose boop, and makes a couple of feeble attempts at poking her way through before giving up and lying down.

Photo: Facebook/UNILAD

Her owner isn’t giving up though and keeps trying new things to pique her interest and get her to give it another go. Each time, Maya’s facial expressions get less impressed, but she continues to try each time she’s asked. The captions added at different points in the video to illustrate what Maya is thinking also add to the hilarity. They go so well with her facial expressions.

Photo: Facebook/UNILAD

Of course, you all already know that Maya is going to make it through in the end, even if she does have to have special accommodations in order to do it. How could a story like this not have a happy ending, right?

Check out the video below to see how she finally accomplishes the mighty feat on the fourth attempt.

Do you ever play fun and challenging games like this one with your pet? We can’t wait to see your videos too!

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