Dad Underestimates Son’s Clever Nature Until This Pizza Man Shows Up at the Door

It’s no secret that parenting is vastly different today than it was a generation ago. There are good moments and difficulties just like there have always been, but many of the challenges aren’t ones we saw coming. They aren’t things we can call to ask our moms for advice about, because many of the same technologies and resulting fads and behaviors simply didn’t exist when we were kids or when our parents were kids.

So we’re left to fly by the seat of our pants when making rules and consequences for our children. And, suffice it to say, some of us do this with more success than others. Certainly, some children are just more difficult to parent than others, and this leads to some very…interesting parenting situations.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible Australia

Like, say, for example, your kid orders a pizza online without telling you…and you don’t find out about it until the food arrives at the door. Then what?

It might sound like a silly hypothetical example, but that’s exactly what happened to this dad in Australia one evening. He was surprised to find a pizza man at his door, and only then did he find out that his eight-year-old child had gone online, made an order, and even paid for it without his parents’ knowledge.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible Australia

Of course, the dad was caught off guard when he answered the door and couldn’t exactly tell the pizza delivery driver to his face that he wouldn’t take the order. It had already been paid for, so the man accepted it with what we expect was as much grace as could reasonably be mustered under the circumstances.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible Australia

Oh, and it should be noted that the order was for more than just one measly pizza. The child ordered two large pizzas, a chicken combo plate, two boxes of cookies, and a coke to wash it all down. The order totaled 38 Australian dollars. We’re not sure who the boy was planning to feed with an order that large, but we think it’s safe to say that this family’s dinner plans have officially changed.

Photo: Facebook/LADbible Australia

Check out the video below to see the whole event unfold via the family’s doorbell camera. Funny moments like this are certainly an extra reason to appreciate doorbell cameras and other methods of capturing footage when we least expect to need it.

What would you have done in this father’s situation if a pizza man had showed up at your door with this delivery? What would you have said to your child after the fact?

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