A Pizza Delivery Man Becomes a Hero to a Group of Children

People are connected by various happenings that might affect each other’s life in a positive or negative way. Those coincidences are a part of knowing a person’s purpose in life. Just like what they always say, the people that come and go in your life have a purpose to fulfill. Anything can happen in a single coincidence. A man was once just a pizza delivery man, but now, he is a hero to the children he saved that night.

Photo: Twitter/LafayetteINPolice

On July 11, a guy named Nicholas Bostic drove through a particular neighborhood in Lafayette, Indiana. He was on duty as a pizza delivery man that night when he saw a house on fire. According to police reports, Nicholas couldn’t call 911, so he took the initiative to check on the house. As soon as he got inside through the back door, Nicholas alerted the house’s residents. However, no one shouted back. As he wasn’t sure if the residents had already evacuated, he took a brave step and made his way upstairs.

Photo: Twitter/LafayetteINPolice

There, he saw four children sleeping and still unaware of their situation. Nicholas woke them up and safely guided them out of the house. However, Nicholas had difficulty rescuing the last kid. “Nicholas wrapped his shirt around his mouth and nose and plunged into the darkness,” the Lafayette police department said in an interview. “The heat made it seem as if walking into an oven.” The courageous delivery man heard the crying kid and crawled his way to her. Nicholas struggled to find the back door — which led him to the decision to get out through a window upstairs. With the child in his arms, they jumped out of the window.

Escaping a burning house is never easy — it can really harm a person mentally and physically. Nicholas got out of the house with a gash on his right arm and was terribly exposed to harmful smoke. The rescue team had to rush him to a hospital in Indianapolis. People also arranged a GoFundMe for the brave man’s recovery — which successfully gathered half a million dollars. Nicholas is an exemplary citizen, and you can see in this video from the police department’s Twitter page how he saved a crying child from the fire.

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