Sweet Lady with a Gentle Touch Heals a Pit Bull’s Broken Heart

Pit bulls are among the most misunderstood and most maltreated dog breeds in the world.

If humans fear these dogs, it was also humans’ fault. Many morally-twisted people have been using this breed for dog fighting. But, in truth, pit bulls were originally nanny dogs — a cross-breed between a boxer and a terrier.

Famous dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, fur parent of pit bulls Daddy and Junior, whom the world has admired and loved, enumerated several reasons why we can accept this dog breed into our hearts:

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  1. Pit bulls have the intelligence of a terrier and the strength of a boxer as a result of cross-breeding.
  2. They are patient and attentive; that’s why these dogs are excellent nannies.
  3. Every dog can develop aggressive behavior, not just a pit bull. If properly trained, a pit bull can be as serene as a basset hound.
  4. Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  5. You have many options if you want to adopt a pit bull because the term refers to a variety of dogs.
  6. Pit bulls, like many other dog breeds, thrive on their master’s love. Together with a healthy dose of discipline and regular exercise, you’ll get yourself a really sweet pet.
  7. Filled with a lively spirit, these dogs can be easily trained, and you can count on their being respectful of their owners.

In this story, a pit bull was tied to a gate and abandoned in a public place. A security camera caught the incident and how uneasy the dog was about his new situation. He was waiting in vain for his owner until someone noticed his plight. Out of pity, he was taken to a foster home.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

At the shelter, the pit bull, who’s been named Trap, was feeling confused. It was a strange place for him, but it was better than where he was abandoned. Some time passed, and then he met a sweet lady. Trap felt her gentle touch, and he couldn’t help responding to her warmly.

That was a new beginning for Trap! The sweet lady took him with her, and soon he learned that her house is his new forever home! What’s more, even though his previous owner had left him, Trap wants the whole world to know that he has the greatest fur mom of all!

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