Woman Rescues Pitbull Trapped In A Stolen Bus

A sweet pitbull was given a second chance at life after being rescued from a hot, stolen bus.

Melissa Geerlof was outside in her neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York when she heard a “screaming” noise coming from an abandoned bus parked on the curb.

After some examination, Melissa realized who was screaming: a pitbull that was trapped inside the hot bus.

Photo: TikTok/@melissageerlof
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

The pup was just barely able to peak its snout out the top window enough for Melissa to spot her. Melissa realized the bus was likely stolen and the dog needed to get out, so she called the police and waited with the dog until help arrived.

Melissa shared about the incident on TikTok and said when the police arrived, they were able to free the dog – but she wasn’t out of hot water yet.

@melissageerlof #dogsoftiktok #SavingLexie #DogRescue ♬ Simply The Best – Billianne

The police allegedly told Melissa that the dog would be euthanized if they took her to a shelter because of her poor health. So, Melissa volunteered to bring the pittie home with her and offered the dog a new home.

Melissa named the dog Lexie and shared in a update video that the dog was doing well with her new family and described her as being “such a happy girl.”

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Melissa did say that Lexie had some health issues to address, including a double ear infection, an eye infection, and severe skin problems, but they were working with a veterinarian to get her healthy and thriving!

All in all, Lexie was doing fantastic and adjusting well to her new life.

@melissageerlof Lexie update! THANK YOU for all of your support! Here is the full story of how she was found and what we’ve done so far. Let us know if you have any questions 🐾 ❤️ #dogsoftiktok #rescuedog #SavingLexie #BullTerrier ♬ original sound – Melissa Geerlof

Since that update, Lexie’s skin has improved immensely and she was caught up on her vaccinations. She loves cuddling, playing with her doggy friends, and loving on her new mom.

It’s hard to think about what Lexie’s fate would’ve been if Melissa hadn’t stepped in to intervene. Melissa is a true hero and we’re so glad Lexie was given a second chance at life!

You can see more of Lexie’s rescue story in the video below, courtesy of The Dodo:

If you want to see more of Lexie, you can follow Melissa’s TikTok, @melissageerlof. You can also check out Lexie’s Amazon wishlist to send the pup a toy, treat, or other item!

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