Famous Pit Bull Sisters Celebrate Birthdays with Cakes Full of Love

What’s one thing that never goes missing in a birthday celebration?

A birthday cake!

Whether you’re celebrating it with a crowd of friends and relatives or preferring to spend the day privately with a loved one, there’s always this lovely baked creation along with candles to wish upon to make the occasion unforgettably special.

Photo: Tiktok/sookieandivy

It never fails to touch the heart and whet one’s appetite. Whether elaborate or simple in its design, sweet or savory, a birthday cake creates memories that can make us smile and feel loved even in our twilight years.

So, who was the person who created the first birthday cake?

According to Food & Wine, it was the ancient Romans who invented the birthday cake. The custom was to bake a cake made of flour, honey, nuts, and yeast to celebrate the 50th birthday of someone — a male — who enjoyed prestige in society.

Photo: Tiktok/sookieandivy

Weddings were also celebrated with cakes during the ancient Roman period. But the tradition of lit candles on birthday cakes originated with the ancient Greeks. Part of the people’s worship of Artemis — the goddess of the moon, chastity, and hunting — was bringing moon-shaped cakes to her temple and presenting them with lit candles to make them glow just like the lunar body.

Then, in the 18th century, kiddie parties with birthday cakes became popular in Germany. But, at that time, people made the lit candles burn all day and consumed the birthday cake at dinnertime.

Photo: Tiktok/sookieandivy

It was the Age of the Industrial Revolution that made birthday cakes affordable to everybody through mass production. Multi-layered cakes were invented, and more ingredients were incorporated. Now, the world has a limitless collection of cakes for every occasion, with people never getting tired of the joy and deliciousness they bring into our lives.

But hey! It’s not only humans who enjoy celebrating with birthday cakes. Pit bulls, too!

Photo: Tiktok/sookieandivy

Sookie and Ivy, celebrity Staffordshire Bull Terriers on Tiktok with 1 million followers, recently turned 12 and 10 years old. The pit bull sisters were treated by their fur mom with a special celebration, complete with pretty-in-pink birthday cakes!

The ASMR pit bull celebs surely enjoyed the feast, finishing off their steak, egg, and veggies with gulps of organic apple juice. Of course, there were also those yummy yogurt cupcakes with natural peanut butter frosting.

With the way these pit bulls enjoy their birthdays, you can’t feel them getting old at all!


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