Pink Baby Elephant Receives the Best Protection from the Adults of Its Herd in This Video

Animals are familiar with the concept of family connections. They have their own system, which is often led by a patriarch or matriarch. The group takes importance in giving protection to everyone, especially the youngest members. For instance, elephants would help each other raise offspring. The adult females are led by the oldest elephant, who they refer to as the matriarch. They are also familiar with babysitting one another’s offspring whenever needed. It’s a form of bond for the family, which is very advantageous for the young one. Babies receive the best protection not only from their biological mothers but also from their grandma and aunties.

Photo: Twitter/Gabriele Corno

Female elephants express protectiveness in different ways. The most known method of protection is surrounding the baby elephants whenever the herd walks together. They ensure that both the baby and its mother are perfectly hidden from whatever danger lurks around them. It’s fascinating how animals devise systems to secure the lives of their young ones. A herd went viral recently for how the adults guarded a pink baby elephant. The video was from a netizen that captured the moment in India. You can certainly see the family’s determination to keep the young pink elephant hidden. Netizens were astounded by the behavior and applauded the herd’s dedication.

Gabriele Corno wrote in the caption, “Nobody on earth can provide better security than an elephant herd to the cute new Pink Born Baby in India.” You can hardly see the pink elephant in the middle, and it shows how it’s well-guarded. Pink baby elephants are rare, which might have been the reason for the extra protection. They walked in the middle of the road until they made a turn at the end of the clip.

“Goodness! Thank you for showing us another elephant miracle! Look at all those heavy legs. The little pink one is perfectly safe. Caring instincts are as huge as these mighty creatures,” LucyFellowes replied. Their affection for the young animal is reflected in their method of security. Baby elephants are definitely lucky to grow up in a herd where they’re immensely loved and treasured.

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