Pilot Makes Surprise Announcement That Leaves Passenger In Tears

A pilot on a Southwest flight to Hawaii made a special announcement that left one special passenger in tears.

According to nine.com.au, Jyrl Oldham was flying with her husband, Kevin, and two other couples, including Valeri Jones.

Photo: Instagram/@valeriwinnjones

The couples had been lifelong friends and they were going on the trip as a celebration of life: the life of Jyrl Oldham.

Oldham had been battling breast cancer and she was finally cancer-free! That’s definitely something worth celebrating. She wasn’t expecting the entire flight to celebrate with her, though!

As Valeri shared on Instagram, passengers were comfortably in their seats aboard the Southwest flight when the pilot made a special announcement.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He said over the intercom: “I would like to add a special welcome to a special guest in today’s flight. We have a passenger who’s headed to Hawaii with us today to celebrate her victory over late stage breast cancer.”

The plane erupted in cheers and claps, as Oldham fought back tears. She wasn’t expecting the announcement and was moved by the support she received on the flight.

“Here in today’s environment, it just makes it special that we can share in the human bond to take care of each other. Everybody’s a big family out there. Welcome aboard,” the pilot added.

Photo: Instagram/@valeriwinnjones

Valeri Jones shared the video on Instagram with the caption: “Thanks @southwestair for this memory. We will remember it always!”

Hopefully they had a wonderful vacation in Hawaii!

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