Sweet Rescue Piglet Enjoys Her First-Ever Mud Bath

Have you ever heard the phrase, “happier than a pig in mud?” Well, that comes from the fact that pigs love mud.

While it might be common knowledge that pigs love mud, it’s more than just because they’re dirty, but as a way to cool down since they don’t have sweat glands.

Photo: Instagram/@arnseysferalacres

Because of this, mud baths are essential for pigs to keep cool. While it’s important for them, there is no denying that they definitely have their fun.

Take a precious little piglet for example. The piglet, who is named Peppa, got to experience her first-ever mud bath, and boy, did she enjoy herself!

Photo: Instagram/@arnseysferalacres

This adorable little piglet was doing exactly what nature intended her to do, and she was loving every single second. Luckily for us, the staff at Garnseys Feral Acres, the nonprofit that rescues and protects farm animals from cruelty (and the place that Peppa calls home), managed to get everything on camera.

As the Garnseys Feral Acres wrote on the video’s Instagram caption, “Our little girl got her first mud bath today.”

Photo: Instagram/@arnseysferalacres

In the video, the little brown and pink piglet is sitting in the mud, getting more and more excited by the minute. Eventually, this all culminates in her just being covered in all the mud. Clearly, she’s out here living her best piglet life!

Watch the entire thing down below:

What do you of Peppa the piglet’s first mud bath? Have you ever seen a pig enjoy the mud like this before? Let us know!

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