Man Rescues Piglet from Being Put to Sleep After Vicious Dog Attack

You never put a price on an animal’s life.

This is the principle of the man who rescued Mikey, a piglet that sustained a brain injury after being viciously attacked by his owner’s dog. Surgery would be costly, and there was no guarantee that the piglet’s life could be saved. The vet’s recommendation for Mikey was euthanasia.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

But the vet called up Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary, and this man immediately went to the vet clinic to rescue the piglet. Specializing in the rescue of animals with special needs, this man did not hesitate to shoulder the cost of Mikey’s treatment and adopt him afterward.

The piglet underwent brain surgery, and part of his skull had to be removed. His condition affected Mikey’s motor skills, but the small animal had at least survived the worst.

Photo: YouTube/GeoBeats Animals

Taking Mikey home to the sanctuary, the piglet would experience difficulty in breathing from time to time. He had to be returned to the vet clinic and nebulized twice a day to help relieve his respiratory problem.

But as time went by, Mikey slowly gained strength. He started enjoying life at the sanctuary, where he met a lot of pigs and other animals that Arthur’s Acres has rescued over the years, including cats, dogs, and chickens.

And despite living with a head tilt, Mikey proved to be a very sweet piglet who loves bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and lettuce. His rescuer also allows him to sleep on his bed, like a young family member.

Mikey is surely very happy at his new forever home, and his rescuer is filled with as much joy in having the piglet in his life.

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