Flightless Pigeon Finds Happiness in the Company of Dogs

Flying is important for birds because it makes them unique from other species and is extremely beneficial. They can go from one place to another without worrying about transportation. Their ability to fly has given them the freedom to soar and see the world from a different view. Birds have always symbolized confidence and reaching dreams hence the quote, “spread your wings and fly.” The skies and treetops are where they rule — their survival heavily depends on their special skill.

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However, some factors stop them from spreading their wings. It can be metaphorical or literal — human intervention and illnesses can make it happen. People often poach wild birds, especially those with magnificent feathers. They are often caged, involved in illegal pet trades, and sold for a huge price. The situation kills their freedom and their chance to return home. It’s truly saddening how many birds have endured such trials — terribly missing the wind beneath their wings. Apart from human activities, bird illnesses can take away their ability to fly, which has happened with Herman the pigeon.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

The Mia Foundation has a resident pigeon who is completely flightless. Sue found Herman in a parking lot after a citizen informed her about the situation. She mentioned that the pigeon had been sitting for days, which explained why its head was tilted and it was terribly starving. “So my husband and I tube-fed him for a couple of days. He probably survived a virus that pigeons can get called PMV,” she explained. Due to the effects of the virus, Herman won’t be able to fly again. Sue even consulted experts for help, most of which recommended euthanizing the poor bird. She disagreed with the horrible ending, so she took Herman to their rescue center.

“But I knew he wasn’t releasable, so I decided to just let him live with us forever,” Sue shared. Despite having incapable wings, Herman had found a family that cherished him and spoiled him with lots of things. Sue also taught him a bunch of tricks which showed how Herman is undeniably intelligent. Aside from humans, the pigeon grew close to the dogs in their place. He couldn’t be with birds in the sky, but he found his flock with fur. The puppies loved to cuddle with their feathered friend, and Herman has always expressed his affection for them.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“The Mia Foundation gets a lot of newborn puppies. He loves the little newborns. I started introducing new puppies to him, and it was always the same reaction. He always just wanted to snuggle with them, even tries preening them.” Sue shared. Although the puppies eventually leave the adoption place, Herman would never get lonely because new additions always arrive. He is indeed living a lovely life despite losing his ability to fly. Sue never fails to provide the best for Herman; you can witness that in the video below. You could also visit their Instagram page for updates and puppies to adopt.

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