A Man Received a Precious Pigeon from His Dad, and It Became His Best Bud

Meeting someone that complements your personality and improves your life is a gift you must always be thankful for. It’s rare to create genuine connections with others. Sometimes you’ll find that with a person, and there are instances that you’ll feel it with an animal. The internet has countless proofs of animals building the sincerest friendships with humans. Pets, foster babies, and rescue animals appearing in your life will bring you happiness. There are others that you never planned on having, but they surprisingly enter your life. It’s either you met them during an unexpected rescue operation, or it could be a gift from a loved one.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

If you are a known animal lover, you’re the first person people would think about after encountering one. A dad had that thought when he found a pigeon in his garage. Through him, his son, Matias, met Bingi — his feathered best bud. Matias’s dad manages a garage in Switzerland where Bingi perched on one of the machines. “My theory is that he got chased by a bird of prey, a hawk or something, and then he had to land, and as he was very, very young, it was probably one of his first flights, so he just didn’t find his flock, and he was stranded there,” Matias explained.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animal

The dad did not know what to do, so he placed Bingi inside a box and brought him to his son. Matias is fascinated with birds, so he took him in. Bingi was weak and famished when they first met. Thankfully, the pigeon was brought to a home that cared for him since day one. As soon as Bingi regained strength, he and Matias instantly bonded. “He never flew back then, but he sat on my shoulders, and I was very surprised,” Matias shared. That did not last for long, because Bingi started to fly again. He freely uses the living room — flying across areas and going around the house.

However, Matias could not fully adopt him because someone else might be looking for a lost pigeon. He posted Bingi on an animal lost platform and pinned his pictures in public. “It was like nine weeks after I found him, someone called, and it was the breeder, but like after nine weeks, it wasn’t an option of giving him back,” Matias said. Thankfully, he kept Bingi — a great decision since he is willing to provide his feathered friend the best life. As days went by, Matias learned more about pigeon behavior and Bingi’s personality. He mentioned that the bird is friendly, open-minded, and very caring. Bingi cares so much that he even tried to warm up a rubber ducky just because he thought it was an egg. Bingi even makes Matias warm the duck when he’s doing something else.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

The best buds are so lucky to have found each other. Matias found his favorite companion, while Bingi gained a forever home. “I’m very, very thankful to have him because I would never have experienced the beauty of a pigeon. They’re such empathic animals, and they’re suffering so much in our cities and I couldn’t detect their suffering. I love Bingi a lot,” Matias lovingly said. Their bond grows stronger each day, and they have already established a routine at home. Matias shared every lovely and hilarious detail about his feathered housemate in the video below. You’ll certainly adore their friendship and how they reciprocate affection to one another.

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