Narcissistic Wife Turned Her Husband’s Sweet Success into a Sour Celebration

How does it feel to get slammed on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum? And to be labelled a narcissist by thousands of commenters?

Well, many inflated egos have refused to accept the harsh criticisms that their outrageous wrongdoings earned.

But there are a few who seemed to have learned to humble themselves and accept their mistakes. However, you’d certainly wish they’ll really change for the better for their own sake.

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In this viral post which has now garnered more than 25,000 votes, the Original Poster with the username by u/Willing_Strawberries ended up being lambasted by Redditors. She’s a wife who claims to be a picky eater, but online commenters called her a narcissist who ruined her husband’s celebratory dinner without remorse.

Posting on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum, this is OP’s story: “My husband has been working really hard the last two years to advance at his company, and he finally got the promotion he’s been after. I’m really, really proud of him. His parents are too and wanted to take us all out to dinner to celebrate. My husband absolutely loves prime rib, and there’s only one place in our area that serves it, so he picked that restaurant. Thing is – I’m not fond of steak. I’ll eat it but very rarely. I prefer chicken or fish. I looked up the menu before leaving, and right now they have a limited menu. The place had only one fish entree and two chicken entrees, and none of them sounded good for various reasons. I suggested that he pick someplace else so everyone can eat. He refused, citing that we rarely get to go to this place but go to other places in our area regularly, which is true, but those places have lots of variety so everyone can eat.”

From those initial details, you can already feel this woman’s lack of consideration for others. She feels it is she whom everyone must always please, regardless of the occasion. In this case, it’s her husband’s success that was to be celebrated, but she wouldn’t allow him to choose his favorite restaurant.

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What followed next was even worse, with OP further writing, “He suggested that I ask if they could prepare the fish or chicken without the marinades or sauces, but I didn’t want to be difficult for the kitchen staff. His next suggestion was that I order dessert while everyone else ate entrees and then when we were done, he would take me where I wanted so I could eat dinner while he and the kids ate dessert. So I opted to just not go because I didn’t want to sit there not eating and not having a good time while everyone else was.”

Poor husband and kids. They did go out and meet with his parents, whom the kids were happy to see. However, they went home early because the kids kept asking about their mom. In reply, OP said that her husband should have stayed, but he disagreed with her because he didn’t like lying to their kids. Also, the night would have been complete if everyone he loved was there.

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And what did OP say back? “I maintain if he really wanted us to all eat dinner as a family, then he should’ve picked a restaurant with a more accommodating menu.”

It’s not a big surprise that everyone who commented called her an a-hole and a narcissist.

LeadmeNotFL: “Incredible good odds… Can’t imagine what this poor man’s birthday and Father’s Day consist of!?? She can’t make the small sacrifice of eating steak (which she does rarely) to celebrate something that happens once in a blue moon, imagine to celebrate something that happens once a year.”

Primary-Lion-6088: “Agreed. I’m an actual pescatarian (don’t eat any animals except fish, ever), and if they had one thing on the menu I could eat, I would have gone with it. YTA OP.”

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punitdaga31: “Or, Jesus, just go and drink water. Tell the waitstaff you’re fasting. Just go. Have a celebration. What an a-hole.”

NomadicusRex: “My ex, a woman who has actual Narcissistic Personality Disorder and was a vegetarian at the time, would still take me to a steak dinner on my birthday…at a steak house, or to Red Lobster. I can’t imagine how exhausting living with OP must be for her husband. Work must seem like a blessed relief.”

But, it seemed that OP wanted to learn a lesson from her post and wrote the following update: “Some of these comments were pretty harsh but a kick in the pants. I’ve apologized profusely to my husband and I am going to take him to that restaurant this weekend and buy him some camping gear he’s been eyeing as a start to making it up to him and changing course.”

Well, let’s cross our fingers.

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