This Photographer Just Found the Perfect Model in a Photogenic Fox

Taking a picture of an animal is all about the timing and its willingness to stay still. There are many great photographers out there who are professional at capturing the most majestic moments of wild animals. Aside from having a high-quality camera, photographers express their creativity by coming up with a composition that magnifies the creature’s beauty. They don’t just think of the model’s pose but also their position and the photo’s setting.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

Although animals are challenging for photographers, sometimes the perfect moment suddenly happens. You must be patient and willing to adjust angles instead of the creature following your directions. Most wildlife photographers camouflage themselves and stay at a particular spot to capture that sudden moment. They use zoom lenses so they won’t have to move closer to the wild animal. Keep a safe distance between you and your prospect to not startle it. If they notice your presence, you’ll scare them, or they might see you as a threat.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

Fascinatingly, some animals will approach humans out of curiosity. You can find videos on the internet which are already compiled, since this often happens to wildlife photographers. One video is available on Reddit, which was posted by Thund3rbolt. It was entertaining and adorable at the same time, which is evident with 13.8k upvotes. In the video, you’ll see a photographer quietly minding his business when a fox appears beside him.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

The photographer gave the fox a few quick glances. It wasn’t even bothered by the human, and the fox did not show signs of threat. The fox was observing the human and the unfamiliar object in his hands. Amidst the observation, the playful fox tried to bite the man’s pants — which made the photographer laugh. Interestingly, the fox took the initiative and slowly walked in front of the man’s camera. As soon as he noticed the fox was in front, he took his shot, and the results were amazing!

The young fox wasn’t just a friendly, playful, and curious creature — it was also photogenic. Each photo was so stunning that it might’ve been one of the photographer’s unforgettable photo shoots. It seems like the fox was confident to model and approached the guy to get his attention. As if it was telling him that if he needed a model, the fox would grant his wish. See the gorgeous results in the Reddit post and fill the comment section with love. Share the picture-perfect moment with your loved ones as well.

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