Properly Utilizing Your Phone Alarm to Schedule Reminders and Not Miss Another Important Task

Once a person reaches the stage of adulthood, responsibilities will appear left and right. You’ll reach the point where you’ll get forgetful due to the overwhelming pile of tasks. It isn’t easy when both work and personal life responsibilities overlap. For this reason, you need a tool to help you manage your schedule well. A calendar on your desk won’t suffice, especially when you don’t carry it everywhere. It would help if you had something that you hold on to the whole day. For this reason, your very own phone is the most useful tool reminder to manage your task.

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People always carry their phones almost 24/7 — bathrooms are no exception. With advanced technology, phones can be used in multiple ways and not just as a mode of communication. You can watch movies and television shows, shop, book a flight, read, etc. As for adults who find it challenging to arrange schedules and tend to be forgetful, the phone alarm and calendar are their trusted applications. A Reddit user shared this Life Pro Tip, which accumulated 1.5k upvotes. It’s helpful advice that boosts your productivity and makes you feel more accomplished when the day ends.

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Tetragrammator posted, “If you tend to forget certain things that need to be done: Set an alarm clock in your phone for EVERYTHING as soon as you get aware of said thing.” Of course, the advice does not only apply to employed people but also to students. School requires numerous projects and homework assignments, and it’s be frustrating for working students to balance their priorities. With the help of a phone alarm, you can be quickly reminded of the tasks you need to finish on a particular day. You can set a reminder one hour or five minutes before the scheduled time so you’ll have enough time to prepare.

Aside from the phone alarm feature, some Redditors also recommended other ways to use your phone as a reminder tool. Maskedcrusader94 wrote, “I have a long (and newly color-coded) collection of notes, ideas, grocery lists, to-do lists, etc. on my phone that is really helping me out.” The Redditor even added a tip that will help you on events such as birthdays or Christmas. “Extra tip: Every time you notice a loved one say they want something or see an item that makes you think of them, write it down and keep it all on one list. It makes it 1000x easier finding Christmas gifts near the end of the year.”

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OP’s post started a helpful discussion. Others also agreed on how effective the reminder method is for every aspect of their lives. They get reminded of events, birthdays, household chores, personal errands, and ideas that could help at school or work. Google Calendar and Google Tasks were also mentioned as applications on your phone that are essential. “I have been using Google Calendar together with Google Tasks, and my experience has been excellent so far,” ibis37 commented. The Reddit user shared a hack in the comment section, which could help anyone have a more organized task list.

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“My organization is: several calendars with different colors for different ‘topics’ (family, friends, work, physical health, mental health, etc), and in Tasks I have different lists. A ‘Time sensitive’ list (this week tasks that have to be done at a certain day urgently), a normal ‘Tasks’ list (this week tasks that can be postponed, but with tentative dates), a ‘Scheduled’ list (for other future tasks), and a ‘Backlog’ (for tasks that I want to do in the future but haven’t set a date yet). Tasks show up in the calendar, and every weekend I move next week’s tasks from ‘Scheduled’ to ‘Time sensitive’ or ‘Tasks.'”

Properly arranging your schedule can save you from working under pressure. Maximize the use of your tools — calendars, alarms, and notes are installed on your phone before purchasing for a reason. Get back on this Reddit post if the tips you’ve read have significantly changed your life. Moreover, if you have a tried and tested technique, you might want to share it in the comment section. Help people ease the pressure and frustration they feel whenever they miss a scheduled event or leave a task undone.

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