Tips to Refrain Yourself from Procrastinating with Your Phone During Work

Procrastinating isn’t only common to students because most working adults are also prone to this habit. It’s challenging to resist the urge to scroll on your phone, talk to your colleague, and take a 15-minute break whenever you are not in the mood to work. While some people are guilty of procrastination, others are natural at handling it. We could all stand to take a few tips from those who have overcome the temptation to procrastinate.

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Although it’s each to their own, you still need to find ways to not let procrastination win over you. Limiting your phone usage is a good way to eliminate the unhealthy habit. Since phones provide many features, it’s hard to put them away for the whole day. You can play games, scroll through social media, talk to your loved ones, and watch anything. Everything is within your reach when you have a phone — making it more tempting to pause work.

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A person from Reddit with the username lOPERTYS shared a helpful tip to make your phones less distracting. OP’s post in Life Pro Tips says, “If tend to procrastinate on your phone instead of working, put your phone in grayscale to make it less addictive.” The Reddit user also explained how this habit started and why a grayscale is effective. “Your brain will get bored because you are attracted to the pops of color and bright and shiny apps. You don’t need to restrict yourself from using it because it will be less fun to use. This helped me get through school.”

A lot of people were searching for an answer to the dilemma because the post gained 1.7k upvotes. Many people expressed their intention to try this hack out since it sounds plausible. “I think this is the first LPT I’m actually going to try. Recently diagnosed ADHD and my phone is the most shiny thing ever,” quats5 commented. There are many reasons why people tend to get easily distracted, and one of them is ADHD. Being a procrastinator does not mean someone is “lazy.” Hopefully, OP’s advice can also be effective for people with ADHD.

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Moreover, others also provided suggestions that have helped them refrain from using their phones. “I highly recommend do not disturb and turning off all media sounds. Videos are less appealing and less distracting,” the_t_wrecks wrote. Notifications are highly disruptive, so it’s best to keep your phone silent while hidden. This way, you won’t keep looking for it and can concentrate more on work.

Phones are already a huge part of people’s lives, and most can’t simply live without them. Practicing being away from your smartphones is vital to avoid dependence and procrastinating even more. If you have already won over this habit, or not, you can join the discussion below the post. You can also share some tricks that you have discovered effective and helped improve your concentration.

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