Dog Reacts To Hearing His Favorite Words On A Fake Phone Call

Back in 2022, dog owners hopped on an adorable trend where they’d pretend to have a phone call while saying all their dog’s favorite words.

Various pet owners tried it with different dogs and their reactions were all so cute! Dogs are incredibly smart and even though they don’t speak English, they quickly learn to associate certain words with specific activities.

Photo: Facebook/Metro

My dog knows that “walk” means he’s going outside and “treat” means he’s getting something tasty. Every dog has their own familiar and favorite words.

One dog owner filmed her dog’s reaction to trying the phone call trend and it’s hilarious.

Photo: Facebook/Metro

The woman starts the fake phone call with pleasantries to make it authentic, followed by: “Did you get the treats? Well, specifically he wanted peanut butter. Peanut butter treats.”

She went on to talk about their plans to go for “a ride” and go to “daycare” and take a “walk.” She added that they’ll probably see a list of friends, including Grandma.

Photo: Facebook/Metro

As the phone call progresses, the dog’s ears continue to perk up at every exciting word until he simply can’t take it anymore and leaps for the door. Clearly, they’re going somewhere and he’s ready for it!

Check out the hilarious video below:

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