Teacher Goes Viral For His Love-First Approach To Education

When it comes to teaching methods, one could get into a whole long debate about which method is best and why.

However, there is one teacher from Philadelphia who is taking the internet by storm with their “teaching method,” one which has garnered much attention and praise from people worldwide. And the basis of the teaching method is love.

Photo: Instagram/@unklearnold

Ford works as an educator at the Mann Elementary in West Philadelphia.

According to CBS News, he shared that his main goal for teaching his students is to get them to understand that “I see them,” as well as to know that “I love them.”

Photo: Instagram/@unklearnold

In essence, he wants his students to feel like they matter, and this is something that he has set out to do each and every day.

In fact, there are many videos of Ford in action, encouraging his students that have become viral thanks to social media. Many people are so thrilled to see that Ford recognizes how education is more than just tests and studying school books – it’s about creating a safe environment in the classroom that encourage kindness, compassion, and love.

Photo: Instagram/@unklearnold

For Ford, the basis of his educational methodology places an emphasis on love and kindness amongst students in order to help them thrive both academically and emotionally. According to CBS News, Ford says, “Before we teach math, before we teach reading we teach kids, we teach souls. You’ve got to start with love and love is the curriculum.”

And the results of Ford’s teaching approach are definitely there for students. It’s got everyone talking in the comments with one person writing, “This is so wholesome. You don’t know how one hug can change a kids whole day.”

Someone else added, “I cry every time I see these videos. These children are so fortunate to experience this safe love.”

Check out the incredible videos down below:

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