Could Your Pet Be PetSmart’s First-Ever Toy Tester in Chief? They’re Hiring!

Is your pet crazy about toys? Do they stamp their little paws and come unglued when you bring home a bag of goodies to play with? Are they over the top for plushies or squeakies? If this sounds like your furry BFF, then PetSmart might have a side gig for them. It was recently announced that the pet supply giant is looking for two toy testers to bring on presumably for quality control.

bulldog with toy
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The announcement came that it’s seeking one talented feline and one talented canine to fill two newly-created roles comprised of Chief Toy Testers. The selected animals will be responsible for ensuring that pets everywhere are up to speed on the best products PetSmart has to offer, the company explained. The jobs come with a one-year contract that pays $10,000 each! You can buy a lot of biscuits and catnip with that kind of scratch.

This is similar to the brand ambassador gig advertised by last year.

kitten with toy
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Pet Toys

Ideal candidates will be said to possess “an immense dedication to play, rigorous toy reviewing abilities, and a willingness to sample the newest of culinary treats.” Sounds like a ruff gig.
While successful applicants will be provided with myriad toys and treats to review, they’ll also receive quarterly salon treatments — perhaps for promotional photo ops in order to look their very best in front of the camera.

Owners, on the other hand, will be required to commit to a one-year partnership contract — on their pet’s behalf, of course — create Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, and attend in-store events around the holidays and National Adoption Week with their pet.

“While these positions may seem like all fun and games, their benefits are very real,” PetSmart noted. “Over the course of one year, they will receive ongoing shipments of the newest products to try and review and complimentary grooming sessions, and make appearances at PetSmart events as a VIP (Very Important Pet). In exchange, the chosen Chief Toy Testers will be required to create and upload product content and videos to popular social media websites. It’s a ruff job, but someone has to do it,” they added.

Chihuahua with toy
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Applying for Toy Tester in Chief

If you’re interested in applying, PetSmart said, “Pet parents are encouraged to think creatively with their submission – whether it’s their cat strutting the catwalk in the latest fashion, pups having a ball with their new toys, or pets showing off their skills when the zoomies hit.”

Head on over to to apply by February 17, 2023. You’ll be able to find all of the info you need there. Applicants will have to submit a photo of their pet, a review of their pet’s favorite toy, and a 10- to 30-second video of their cat or dog that showcases their amazing personalities. Good Luck!

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