New Study Points to Fur Parents Preferring Snuggles with Pets vs. People

It seems many animal lovers are admitting to favoring cuddles with their pets more than their partners.

According to a recent poll of 2,000 American pet owners conducted by OnePoll on behalf of pet brand PetSafe®, 66 percent of them said they would rather cuddle their “fur baby” as opposed to their other half, and it’s actually men who are keener to snuggle up with their beloved pets than women! We did not see that one coming.

As to millennials, that generation is more likely to seek solace in the warm embrace of their fur balls, too. The least likely group amongst those surveyed to turn to pets first? Baby Boomers, with 66 percent saying their spouse was the one that they’d prefer to cuddle up with, as compared to just 34 percent who would rather snuggle with their dog or cat companions.

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Pets Make the Best Listeners

The poll also found that pets are considered better listeners than our bi-pedal loved ones. Of those surveyed, 68 percent of respondents noted that it’s their pet they divulge their thoughts to at the end of a cruddy day over best friends, family members, and colleagues. A whopping
84 percent admitted that their pet was their number one source of joy.

“We’ve always known pets hold a special place in our hearts, but this study proves just how much we love and value them – and how much good they bring into our lives,” remarked Rob Steele of PetSafe®. “They give so much in terms of love and emotional support that most owners treat them as part of the family.

“They’re always there for a cuddle or to lend a furry ear, and their love is unconditional and uncompromising, and for that they deserve only the best from us.”

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Pets Bring Better Mental Health

As to emotional wellbeing, 43 percent of people shared that pet ownership has improved their mental health, and 40 percent have become more active – helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression while easing loneliness and benefitting from improved cardiovascular health.

Continued benefits included their pet helping them be more mature (nearly 50 percent) and 45 percent admitting that they have become more patient. Another 43 percent believe they are more compassionate due to their pets.

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Who Can Say “No” to That Face?!?!

Diving deeper, more than three-fourths of those queried said they find it impossible to say no to their favorite cuddle bug, with 77 percent of pets described as “living like royalty” thanks to their humans and 84 percent saying they still want their pets to have the best of everything despite inflation and tight budgets.

Almost a fifth of these pampered pets are reportedly treated to at least one new toy each week, and 84 percent of respondents noted that they take their pets with them on vacations (more than a quarter of those pets come along on every trip).

What can we say? We love our pets. For more people/pet insights, you can click on the survey link above.

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