Survey Show Pets May Get Smarter As They Age

An unfortunate fact about humans is that our cognitive abilities tend to decline as we age. We might be wiser as we get older, but our ability to learn tends to drop off.

According to SWNS Digital, if you were to ask 71% of pet owners about their animal and how smart it got as it aged, they would tell you that dogs and cats get smarter as they get older.

Photo: Pexels/Helena Lopes

This interesting tidbit was revealed as part of a survey of 2000 dog and cat owners. They wanted to find out how smart these dogs were getting as well as how many tricks they were able to learn.

For example, have you ever heard that an old dog cannot learn new tricks? Nobody believes that, at least not 87% of those who were surveyed. That percentage said that it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, and they likely know the fact firsthand.

According to SWNS Digital, 72% also said that the animal ended up interacting well with other people or pets as they got older and 56% said that they could learn new tricks and commands. Perhaps that is what led 68% of those who were surveyed to say that it would be good to adopt a senior pet.

Photo: Pexels/Nothing Ahead

This survey, which was commissioned by Stella & Chewy to OnePoll, had a lot of interesting information. They wanted to find out about senior pets, but they also learned that many people appreciated the fact that younger pets have more energy (64%) and fewer health problems (54%). Then again, they also said that those animals needed more training and had more accidents.

According to, the founder of Stella & Chewy’s, Marie Moody, said they believe all dogs and cats deserve love regardless of their age. She went on to say: “My dogs Stella and Chewy, who inspired me to start the company, showed me how much I can learn from senior pets. As my dogs aged, they became even smarter companions, giving me a fresh perspective that I carry with me every day.”

Photo: Pexels/Lisa Fotios

Something else that was interesting about the survey is that 72% said that they saw positive changes in their senior pet when they were prioritizing nutrition.

In the end, young or old, pets are awesome and all agreed that they wouldn’t have it any other way other than pet ownership.

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