Long-Term Shelter Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Adopted

Have you ever had something that made you feel so good that you just couldn’t stop smiling?

It seems as if this is not only something that we may experience as humans, dogs may have the same experience as well.

In order to prove my point, I’d like to introduce you to Petey. Petey is a dog that was living in an animal shelter for a very long time.

As an older and bigger dog, it wasn’t always at the top of the list when it came time to get adopted. Little dogs and puppies were often preferred.

In the end, however, if you ask anyone who has ever had a big, old dog in their family they will tell you there is nothing quite like it. Although that is true, Petey, who is known for being cheery, still had a difficult time finding people to adopt him.

In order to help Petey find a home, the animal shelter reached out to the SPCA of Wake County. They really pulled out all the stops to help him find a forever home. When he was moved to the new shelter, he was yanking on the leash trying to get into the door. He just couldn’t hold in his excitement because he was so friendly.

The SPCA went on social media to post a pictures of Petey. It took a few weeks, but finally, someone came forward who fell in love with this adorable dog with a sweet face.

Since that time, he has moved into his new forever home and there is even another pup as part of the family!

A member of his new family shared some pictures with the SPCA of Wake County and said: “Petey is settling in perfectly in his new home. He loves sleeping in the bed, playing fetch, and sniffing around the yard. And LOVES playing with his new brother and any other doggy friend he finds. He’s the perfect addition. Petey is so loved and is opening up and showing us his beautiful personality. I am so happy to have him.”

We’re so happy for him!

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