Sick Rescue Dog Finds A New Family Across The World

Pete the rescue dog had a rough start to life, but all that was about to change thanks to Bali Paws.

Desi with Bali Paws was out driving around when she spotted Pete outside in a yard. She was shocked by the condition he was in and got out to investigate.

While it’s not uncommon to see street dogs in Bali, Pete actually had a home and an owner – just not the home and owner he needed.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Desi spoke with Pete’s family and they offered up his story, explaining that he got sick as a puppy so they put him in a cage outside and that’s where he stayed for years.

Once he was moved to the cage, his health only continued to decline. Thankfully, Pete’s owner was willing to surrender him without a fight and Desi was more than happy to provide Pete with the care he deserved and so desperately needed.

As Desi sat down with Pete, it became clear that he seemed to enjoy affection and being pet, but when she tried to pick him up, he screamed out.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Speaking with The Dodo, she said, “You could tell he didn’t know any kind of touch, really…They [family] told me that he was living in this cage for the past four years. So, all his life.”

Desi immediately drove Pete to the veterinary clinic where he had to stay for “quite some time.” When he was finally able to be released, he was so excited to see Desi!

Pete ended up going home with Desi, but he didn’t fit in well with her other dogs. He didn’t know how to behave like a dog, himself, and he just wanted cuddles all the time! He was great with kids, full of affection, but a little bit needy.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Someone from Germany happened to reach out to Bali Paws and said they were looking for a dog who was good with kids, but they were ok if the dog was a little bit difficult. Naturally, Desi immediately thought of Pete and within a few weeks, the sweet pup was on his way to Germany!

Pete’s new mom, Simone, told The Dodo that it was an “intense” few weeks to help Pete get adjusted to his new life in Germany, but things are going great now that he’s settled in.

Check out the video below:

You can keep up with Pete and his new family on Instagram, @c00bin.

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