Adorable White Tree Frog Loves Riding On Human’s Hand

When people think of cute pets, they usually picture dogs or cats, perhaps a bunny. Reptiles and amphibians rarely make the list.

While some people enjoy having those critters around, they’re not often thought of as being overly “cute” or cuddly.

Photo: YouTube/piyo no frog ch

One pet white tree frog, however, might just win you over.

Instagram user @piyo_kaeru, the person behind the popular YouTube channel ぴよのカエルch, regularly shares photos and videos of different types of frogs, including her white tree frog.

Photo: YouTube/piyo no frog ch

One video she shared of the frog is so cute, people can’t get over it! The video shows “what happens to frogs raised by people.”

It was such a hit that it was viewed over 11 million times. “This has to be the cutest frog I’ve ever seen in my life,” one person commented. “She’s precious,” another added.

Photo: YouTube/piyo no frog ch

According to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institue, white frogs are native to Australia and New Guinea, and they mainly eat insects such as moths, locusts and roaches.

This white tree frog attempts to eat some other grub in addition to her diet of insects. You can check out the video below to see how cute she is for yourself:

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