Travel Reminders for the Pet Parent

Traveling has always been an effective way to relax, find oneself, and learn more about the world. It gives people excitement that turns into memories, especially with loved ones. Moreover, your trip becomes even more memorable with your pet. As a pet parent, part of showing your love for them is taking them out for an adventure. If pets enjoy a simple walk in the park, they will most likely enjoy beach outings, hiking, road trips, and more.

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Animals also have an adventurous side — they are delighted by the majestic places in the world. However, just like humans, pets have needs that must be met during a trip. Your pet should be comfortable on the road — to avoid sickness and stress. After preparing for your necessities, you must also prepare for theirs. Bringing your pet on the road will only be a fun and lovely memory when they healthily enjoy it. Being carried in any moving vehicle might trigger anxiety — making them restless throughout the trip.

Be mindful of the things you must bring and factors to remember when traveling with a pet. Here are safety tips and reminders to provide the most comfortable trip for them.

Crates & Safety Harnesses

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Some dogs do not get excited with car rides — making them feel agitated the whole ride. It’s best to keep them inside a crate with blankets to make them feel safe. Pet parents can also use a safety harness to keep their pet in place while the vehicle is moving. As for cats, you can quickly calm them down just by sitting beside them throughout the car ride. Keeping a feline inside a crate or carrier is also a great idea.

Book a Direct Flight

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If traveling by air, it’s best to book a direct flight to avoid inflicting stress on your pet due to altitude changes and the constant shuffling of airports. This will also decrease the possibility that your pet will be left out or mishandled by baggage personnel. Also, if you don’t book a direct flight, your pet might get stressed with extreme weather changes or be left on the tarmac.

Pet Travel Bag

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It is often very convenient to bring a travel bag for your pet. Ensure that all pet essentials are in one organized bag to make things more accessible during a trip. Create a checklist of their necessities days before the trip, especially if it’s going to be a long one. Remember to bring these travel must-haves for every journey with your pet:

  • Pet restraints
  • Water
  • Travel bowl
  • First Aid Kit
  • Waste bags
  • Pet wipes
  • Odor eliminator
  • Foods and treats
  • Toys
  • Extra leash
  • Medication

Hotels with No Pet Fees

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Check for accommodations that will allow pets without charging an extra fee. This will help you decrease expenses during the trip. You could also call the hotel before booking a reservation to clarify other perks available for your pet.

Vet Check Up

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Before booking your flight and accommodation, your top priority should be checking in with your vet. Your pet must undergo a blood test to know if they are healthy for long hours of travel. Microchip implantation is also required when traveling internationally — in case your pet gets separated from you. Proof of vaccination may also be required for airline travel, so ask your vet about that.

Pet Travel Insurance

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You can travel with confidence when you apply for pet travel insurance. No matter how careful you are, there is no assurance that an accident will not happen. The insurance policy you get for your pet will cover vet bills and travel costs should something go wrong. It is always better to be prepared than to learn this later on. You can search online for an insurance company with good coverage — with all the benefits suitable for your pet.

Plan Your Trip Now!

With everything the world has gone through in the past three years, you should treat yourself by going on a trip. Whether it’s a short or long trip, what matters is that you’ll be traveling with your loved ones — including your pet. If this comes to mind, you can start familiarizing your pet with car rides by taking them first on short trips. Bit by bit, this might help them conquer their anxiety inside a moving vehicle. Lastly, create a list that you need to prioritize before and after a trip with your pet — always being prepared can lead to safer travels that are more fun.

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