The Best Pet-Themed Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree This Year

It’s time to get busy with those Christmas decorations! Stringing lights, positioning laser cannons, setting up the tree, and hanging stockings are all part and parcel of the holiday season. These merry events create lasting memories and build traditions among families all across the globe. And if recent statistics are any indication (70 percent of American households have pets), a lot of folks here in the U.S. will be including their pets in the festivities.

If you’re one of them and you’d like to honor or at least acknowledge your fur babies, a fun way to do it is with Christmas ornaments.

Pet-Themed Ornaments

Yup, represent them front and center with decorations for your tree — just don’t hang them low enough for them to chew on. The beauty of decorating your home is that you can do it in the style that best reflects your tastes. Whether it’s minimalistic, showy and ostentatious, or somewhere in between, there are ornaments made of glass, wood, metals, and even paper or cloth to choose from.

In order to save you the trouble, we’ve rounded up some terrific examples available on The Animal Rescue Site Store to choose from. The best part aside from getting your hands on decorations and ornaments that not everyone carries? Each purchase feeds shelter pets!

Metal Pet Ornaments

Featuring an assortment of mixed metals, you can find dogs, cats, and an array of wildlife represented on ornaments that will dress up and complement any tree. Including silver, copper, and bronze to colorful epoxy finishes, these adorable decorations will light up your room with sparkle and polish.

metal pet-themed Christmas ornaments
Photos: The Animal Rescue Site Store

Glass Pet Ornaments

From traditional glass bulbs to recycled glass, you won’t find a better selection of pet-themed ornaments to display on your tree. Vibrantly colored, they feature felines, canines, and paw prints that will bring a smile to your face each and every year they’re in your collection.

glass pet ornaments
Photos: The Animal Rescue Site Store

Recyclable-Material Pet Ornaments

If you’re prone to want to keep it simple or environmentally friendly, consider purchasing pet-themed ornaments made from felt, wool, paper, wood, or even ceramics. Cute as can be and unique in appearance, your friends and family will insist on knowing where you got them.

recyclable-material pet ornaments
Photos: The Animal Rescue Site Store

Memorial & 1st Christmas with Pets Ornaments

Looking for something to memorialize your pets with or mark your first Christmas together? There are plenty of pet-themed ornaments to choose from. You can even personalize them with your pet’s image and dates! Crafted from sturdy metals, they’ll be around for decades to come.

pet Christmas ornaments
Photos: The Animal Rescue Site Store

The ornaments shown here are just a small sampling of the many examples The Animal Rescue Site Store has to offer during its Ornament Blow-Out Sale, so take a few moments to peruse the selection yourself before they’re snapped up by like-minded shoppers whose pets are the love of their lives, too.

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