Abandoned and Mistreated – Pet Raven Learns to Trust Again

Raising a pet is always a big responsibility. Most people know this when they have cats or dogs in their life, but there are other types of pets to consider as well.

Photos: YouTube / Cuddle Buddies

Although it isn’t very common for somebody to have a pet raven, the man in the video below understands just how difficult it can be. When he first got the raven, he was not a good friend, but eventually, they bonded for life.

Loki Was Aggressive

The raven was captive-bred, but the people who had him first didn’t give him the attention he needed. The new owner even thought that he may have been abused, because he was very aggressive.

After the family returned Loki to the breeder, he reached out to the man in the video. Loki was frightened and very aggressive, which is what makes them feel as if he was badly mistreated.

There was a difficult period of time when they had to get accustomed to each other. Although he was accustomed to raising birds, he knew that he had to change his tactics if he wanted Loki to be happy and well-balanced.

Photos: YouTube / Cuddle Buddies

That is when he started sitting in the aviary every day. If Loki was okay with him being there, he would give him some food. Otherwise, he wouldn’t give him any attention and would simply leave.

A Surprising Change

Eventually, he began to see a change in Loki, and it happened very quickly. One day, the bird put his head down to apologize to him, and he considers that to be an ‘amazing moment.’

He talks about that day, saying how he put out his hand to stroke the bird. Although at first he was concerned that he would get bitten, the bird actually allowed him to do it.

Now that Loki has become more forgiving to humans, he is also much more tolerant. This isn’t only true of his rescuer, it is true of other people as well.

In the end, Loki became a very important part of this man’s life. He is a free-flying bird, so he flies around and comes back when he wants.

It seems as if what Loki wants is to live life on his terms and to love his rescuer every day.

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