Pet Psychic Explains How She Communicates With Animals

If you have a pet, you might wonder what’s going through their heads from time to time. Maybe they’re dealing with some kind of emotional problem and there’s just no way to really know what’s going on.

That is, unless you ask a pet psychic.

Photo: YouTube/60 Second Docs

In a 60 Second Docs video, former lawyer-turned pet psychic Nikki Vasconez breaks down how she communicates with animals and what kind of impact she can make.

In the video, she explained:

“My process for connecting is I look at their eyes I imagine a cord of light coming from my heart and I’m with the animals. They talk about their entire lives, their food their bedding. They also call you out. ….The really special part is the impact that it has on the relationship. When you know that you really can talk to them, you’re really able to enhance their lives.”

Photo: YouTube/60 Second Docs

She went on to talk about her mini poodle, Merlin. She said, “[He] was so anxious and scared ALL the time. His nickname was ‘Havoc Danger’ or just ‘Danger’ …and guess what? He always acted like he was in danger. …When our senior pup wasn’t doing well, we hired our first animal communicator. During the session I said to her: ‘this might sound crazy but I feel like Havoc doesn’t like his name.’ She blurted out ‘I’m SO glad you said something.'”

She went on to say, “Once Merlin’s name was changed, he strutted around the house like we’ve never seen! He literally became a new poodle overnight. Still to this day, he struts his stuff SO PROUD and SO CONFIDENT, and all we did was change his name! …After that first animal communication experience, I knew I wanted to be able to do this.”

Photo: YouTube/60 Second Docs

While being a pet psychic is not verifiable or scientifically proven, it’s something that many people swear by. You just never know what you’re going to learn about your furry friends when you speak with one!

You can learn more from Vasconez in the video below:

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