People Are Now Putting Pets in Prenuptial Agreements

The day that we get married is often one of the happiest of our lives. We plan for a long time to make sure that day is special, as we want it to live in our memory forever.

We also live in a world where divorce is commonplace. When we get married, it’s not with the thought that we are ever going to get divorced, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility.

Photos: YouTube / Fox 5 Washington DC

Many people realize this, and that is why prenuptial agreements are becoming more and more common. Essentially, those agreements keep things separate in case the marriage should go south.

Often, it is money and physical property that are put in the prenuptial agreement. There are also times when childcare and custody are included in those agreements as well.

More recently, however, people are putting their animals into prenuptial agreements. They sometimes do this for financial reasons, but it’s often just to determine who gets custody if the marriage dissolves.

At one time, pets were considered to be property in Washington, D.C. Couples that broke up in that area would have to deal with custody of the family pet through the court system.

Photos: YouTube / Fox 5 Washington DC

That is no longer the case, however, and pets are not considered to be property in that area. They are still considered property in many other states, including in nearby states such as Virginia and Maryland.

In other words, in states where animals are considered property, they are handled within the court system. It’s almost like owning a chair or a living room set. If the couple can’t agree, the courts will decide who gets custody.

After talking about these prenuptial agreements, they went on the street to learn how people felt about it.

First, they talked to some younger people, who seemed to be in favor of it for the most part. When they talked to an older man, however, he simply said that when you get married, it should be for life.

I guess this will always continue to be a debate as long as we love our pets and want to do what is right for them.

You can learn more in this video:

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