Pet Groomer Takes The Internet By Storm With Hilarious Pomeranian Haircut Videos

A pet groomer trained in Moscow, Russia is taking the internet by storm his with his hilarious Pomeranian haircut videos.

Mehmet Gunes regularly posts videos of his grooming services on TikTok and Instagram where he boasts over 2 million followers.

The videos have gained quite a lot of attention as he showcases various haircuts and nail trims. While he shares videos of a variety of pups, it’s the Pomeranians that really grab people’s attention.

One video he shared boasts a whopping 70 million views and 6 million likes!

Photo: TikTok/@petstylistt

In the clip, you can see a Pomeranian standing on his hind legs while Gunes uses scissors to finish up his coat.

The dog really looks like an adorable stuffed teddy bear in the video.

Photo: TikTok/@petstylistt

“I DIED of cuteness. reminds me of my dog daisyy,” one person commented. “this dog is something out of a disney movie,” another added.

Check out the adorable video below:

@petstylistt Manic 🥰 #dogsvideo #dogsoftiktokviral ♬ Pepas – Farruko

Gunes regularly goes viral for his adorable videos and cute dogs.

Check out some of his other videos below:


♬ I Think I Like When It Rains – WILLIS


♬ Oh No – Kreepa

@petstylistt #petsimulatorx #petsofmusically ♬ Every Breath You Take – Rafo Remix – Camishe & Max Oazo

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